“What Are Prisons For?”

A reflection written in December 2017 as part of Whitman College’s pioneering Rhetoric, Incarceration, and Civic Engagement course, taught and facilitated by Dr. Heather Hayes. The students of this course meet weekly for a full fifteen week semester at the prison in Walla Walla, WA (aka Washington State Penitentiary). Those efforts culminated in a public town hall discussion where students presented a number of perspectives in collaborative groups to help us think about the effects of incarceration as they relate to citizens’ ability to have a voice in this community. Read my creative reflection here.

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  1. OH, MY. I just found this while searching for something else. How wonderful, Mary. I was surprised to read the little part about me as well. I cried harder that night in class than I had in a long while. I am changed from my time at WSP and I carry with me so much of what I have learned and felt. I see that you have also been changed from your experiences there. What a powerful and important thing we have all done together.


    Reid ‘Dr. H’

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